Monday, February 21, 2011

Mixing Advil and Tylenol

I slept great last night!  I didn't wake up at all till 8:00AM this morning.  I think that I got nine hours of sleep.

So this morning I feel very good. Momentarily I will quit fooling around with my computer, jump into the shower, and get to work. Samantha is here at my feet, keeping an eye on me, determined to make me walk her before I leave for work. But Lou says he will walk her at lunchtime, instead.  It is going to be like 76 degrees today.

There is something that I need to talk about tomorrow when I have my checkup.  Three times this week (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), the three Advil took away all discomfort for awhile, but long before the next three Advil were due, I was seriously discomfortable.  [I know that's not a word.]  So I took two Tylenol and felt fine after about 15 minutes.  I need to make sure that they know that the discomfort comes back early sometimes, and I need to make sure that it is okay for my kidneys to mix the Advil and Tylemol.

Anyone have good experience with acupucture for pain control?  Anyone have a local practicioner you recommend?


Gail said...

I have had great luck with accupuncture for pain control. I thought I had sprained my back and the treatments really helped with the pain, but it kept coming back. I was finally diagnosed with shingles. (That's why the pain kept returning.) I hope you can find someone local and try it!
Love, Gail

Meredyth said...

I had great results with pain in my back and neck. I saw Cindi Fox Kemp at the Acupuncture and Wellness Center on Cary Parkway. And bonus, our insurance covers it, with a note from your doc on file. Feel better!

-- Meredyth