Saturday, February 12, 2011

comfy cozy

I'm in bed, in my pjs, as comfy cozy as can be expected.

I talked to an intern doctor and had a neurological test to set a baseline. He and Lou talked a lot about watching me for signs of confusion and delusions, and Lou refrained from making any jokes.

I just ate dinner, which was fruit salad, green salad, peas and carrots, and freaky mini chicken pot pie. Unsweet tea so I know I am still in North Carolina. Ooh and a teeny choco cake.

I just met my nurse Susan who will be giving me the chemo tonight. a bunch of pre meds have to occur and the best guess is that the actual chemo will be administered at 11 pm.

Whenever it happens, tomorrow's dose will be 4 hours earler.

There is wifi in my room!!! So no more typing on my frickin cell phone. Lou is unpacking Nick's old laptop for me right now.

Okay so i am done for now.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Prayers coming your way! Love and Hugs from Bellevue, WA XOXO