Thursday, February 17, 2011

Awake and Alert

I am awake and alert right now!  Of course, I just got up from a crazy three-hour nap.

I have taken only decadron today for the nausea; I haven't had to take either compazine or zophran today. Those are the meds that zonk me out.  I hope that the nausea days are coming to an end.  Maybe the first three days after this chemo, I'll get nauseated every time.  I can outlast three days of it -- with the right meds of course.  I am not one to grin and bear it.

Somehow I let my NetFlix queue go completely empty!  So here I am with no red envelopes, no movies to watch.  I filled up my queue yesterday though, between naps, so there will be some movies coming soon.

It has been really hard to read, so even though I have a couple of books to read, I have not been able to do it.  Takes too much focus.  But my 2011 office calendar finally arrived from Barnes and Noble.  Calendars are so on sale right now, 75% off.  I got one of Ancient Egypt, so I can enjoy the sights even though we won't be there this year in person.

This morning I did wake up at 5:00AM in discomfort, that same discomfort that I had been feeling for about the last 3 weeks before we found out that the cancer grew.  I was a little disappointed.  I wanted immediate gratification: one dose of chemo and a complete absence of discomfort.  Oh, well, I'll have to be patient.

Anyway, at 5:00AM there was nothing to do except iron some of Lou's handkerchiefs.  That is when I knew that Thursday would be a better day, when I felt the desire to iron a bit.


Anonymous said...

Iron on, Karen. Allison told me last night of your changes. Now I am more or less up to snuff. Thinking of you my friend!
Kathy from Kent WA

Jean Trainor said...

Ironing handkerchiefs is a bit desperate Karen ! Although actually I used to love doing it when I was a little girl.

Sounds as if your first treatment was about the same experience as mine, I ended up getting rid of the nausea, by insisting they infused me with the best anti- nausea medication before the Chemo infusion and then top that up with the same medication in tablet form throughout the three days of chemo. The best one we have here is called Ondemetstreton or something similar. I then took the more common one we use here, Domperidon, which sound wonderfully like Dom Perignon, Champagne, but tastes nothing like it!for a few days when I got home.

It was the terrible tiredness that got me as well but a lot of rest and treats are always what the doctor ordered for me

Good luck with the next one