Sunday, February 13, 2011

two down, one to go

I finished my second dose of ifosfamide a little while ago. It went well. There were about 15 minutes at the beginning where I felt completely gross but then the anti-nausea drugs kicked in and I feel fine.  Overwhelmingly tired though.

Today was fun.  Jose and Dan visited me, and they brought Valentines roses! We had a lot of laughs.

Then later Susan and Vicky dopped by too.  They brought me cheesy popcorn.  And we had a lot of laughs.  Plus they got to see the intern doctor give me the neurological test, which is pretty silly to watch.

I am so completely exhausted.  I am going to go right to sleep now.


Joanna said...

I read you blog and just want to cheer you on. You are amazing.

anya said...

Happy Valentines Day Girl. Thinking of you!

Sandy McNeill said...

Happy Valentine's Day !!!!
Wish you were here across the hall so I could say it in person, but it's more important the drugs are doing their "waaaca waaaaca waaaca" (aka Ms. Pacman).