Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Let's Kill Some Cancer Tomorrow

Chemo starts tomorrow, and everyone is coming: Lou, Patsy, Omer, and me. I am surprised Samantha hasn't asked if she can come, too, but maybe her plan is to grab her leash and sit by the door tomorrow.

It will probably take all morning for the labwork, seeing Dr Reidel, and then getting the chemo. We are thinking that we'll stop for a nice lunch somewhere on the way home.

I am supposed to be able to drive myself to and from this chemo, but it seemed like a good idea to have company for this first time with Doxorubicin.

My plan is to take compazine prophylactically afterward, so that no nausea occurs. (I have not heard yet what Dr Reidel's plan is.) I am going to ask for a prescription of Zophran, too, because I remember that drug being like the big gun for stopping any nausea immediately.

Thanks to Valerie for reminding me about Zophran.

I haven't posted anything all weekend because I have been waiting for some kind of insight into how I feel about tomorrow. (Plus, it has been a lot of fun having Patsy and Omer here.) I have heard a lot from ladies who had Doxorubicin, and so a lot of my fears are allayed. And I think I am in that place where I am thinking, it won't be easy or fun, but there is a good chance we're gonna kill some cancer. Nothing I like better than killing some cancer.

Tomorrow can't get here soon enough. Let's kill some cancer.

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Anonymous said...

Karen, we are wishing only good things for you...you have a good group of supporters going with you and you seem to have done the homework that makes you an informed patient...you know yourself the best...:0 so getting going on knocking those CA cells out and know that our thoughts and prayers are with you always and w. your "team"...TTFN Love, Mr. and Mrs. S. xxoo