Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Big Dose of Doxorubicin

Got a nice big dose of doxorubicin today! 164 mg

For sarcoma, my nurse explained, the dose is like 75 mg per meter squared. That's a big smack in the face for the sarcoma.  Whack!  The dose for sarcoma is more intense than, say, the dose for a typical breast cancer, which might be like 50 mg per meter squared. The "per meter squared" part is all about the surface area of the patient (height and weight).  So I really did get a big dose, big for the sarcoma and big for my surface area :^)

The chemo was administered in five separate syringes, and my nurse sat with me, injecting them one after the other through my beloved Power Port. It's a serious chemo, a bad one if there is a spill or leak, so they do it carefully and watch for trouble. It is not something you'd hang in a bag and walk away from.

Lou was in the treatment room and so now he knows my secret: that I have a lot of laughs getting chemo. The nurses in the treatment room are the best, and the mood is light. Sure, this is deadly serioous business, but come on, we can't sit there and cry the whole time. Lou said he would like to come for my next dose, too. What can I tell you, I have the best husband in the world.

I warned Lou not to tell anyone how much fun getting chemo is, or else I won't be able to get any chemo pity from anybody.

I made a decision today that I sure hope I do not come to regret. I declined to take a prescription of the Decadron, the steriod that stops inflammation and nausea, because it makes me too speedy. If I end up barfing, I will regret this decision -- and next time I will take the Decadron with no complaints about sleeplessness and the inability to stop talking and snacking.

Dr. R said to NOT take the Compazine prophylactically [gasp] and so that is the plan right now.  I have a compazine in my pocket, ready for the first hint of nausea. Almost no one gets nauseated on the first day, so it is sort of overkill to have a pill in my pocket. I am hoping it's like having an umbrella: if you have the umbrella with you, you won't need it. It only rains if you leave your umbrella at home.

I think that I am going to curl up on the couch and either nap or read my new book, Storm Prey, by John Sandford.  I'll report if anything happens...


omerandpat said...

That umbrella comment sounds like you are still a true Seattleite. I am not even sure Seattleite is a word or if I spelled it right.
Anyway we are pulling for you rain or shine.
Love Ya,
Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. Bombs away! My fingers and toes and legs and eyes are crossed for you. Okay, so my eyes are always crossed......Love, CQ