Friday, June 25, 2010

Much Better Than Last Time

Gosh, yesterday was much better than my first Thursday after Doxorubicin. I took the Decadron and Zofran on schedule, and had no nausea. (I did have a little nausea Friday night, but took a Compazine.)

I loined Lou and Sam for the short loop walk on Thursday morning; luckily I bumped into a neighbor headed out to the gate, so I left Lou and Sam on the short loop and took off on the longer loop. Poor old Sam is no longer interested in long walks. Four-tenths of a mile is pretty much her limit, but she would like to do it twice a day.

No caffeine for me at all yesterday, to try to keep the Decadron speediness under control. That might have contributed to my mild all-day headache.

It took me all day, but I worked a half day from home. I also went out to lunch with the gang (including John next door) and drove Lou to the Stock Building Supply to pick up the window sash they manufactured for us to replace our first window broken by a golfer. (Golf balls don't break windows. Golfers break windows.)

So to compare this dose of Doxorubicin to the first dose, this is much better. By now, last time, I was a complete zombie, still fighting to get the nausea under control (and I would not succeed till later today).

Oh, but I am bald now. But that is a relief after the massive shedding that occurred.


Jean Trainor said...

Glad its better this time, keep taking the tablets and suck lots of mints - I found it helped me with the nausea. Oh and sue that golfer!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are getting out for walks and doing much better this go round. I will mail you the extra stuff you signed up for at the conference and probably some other goodies. I am both nervous and excited to go!! So sad you cannot make it but you will be there in spirit for sure:-)

Kathy from Kent