Friday, June 18, 2010

Ready, Set, Go

I am ready for my next migraine to strike. I am armed with Maxalt!

Yesterday, I decided it was crazy to wait almost a week to talk to Dr R about these migraines, so I called my primary care physician. He was on vacation, but I got an appointment with another provider that morning. In fact, I had 21 minutes to get there. I zoomed out of my office.

The appointment went well, and I ended up with two samples of Maxalt, plus a prescription in case the samples work. The nurse practicioner was most interested in determining whether these headaches were something new (requiring a CT Scan). But they are old familiar migraines, just happening more often.

Now it is just a waiting game.

Do I see sparkles?

No, that is the sunlight dancing off the silver tag on Samantha's collar...

1 comment:

omerandpat said...

So glad you didn't wait to talk to the doc about the script was wanted. If you need it, you got it.
Love ya,
Mom and Dad