Friday, May 28, 2010

Breakfast Fun

Lou, Omer, Patsy, and I sat out on the deck drinking coffee (and tea) and listening to birds and watching golf course maintenance men at work for awhile this morning.

Then it was time for breakfast.  Karen made Lou's breakfast, Patsy made Karen's breakfast, Patsy made Patsy's breakfast, and Omer made Omer's breakfast. That's a lot of cooks in the kitchen at one time, but it was fun.

Omer accidentally spilled the beans about real mayonaise being in the house, and Lou scoffed that he already knew about it. There is no hiding anything from that guy, even if you tuck the jar behind the pickles.

Lou and I are headed to work, and Patsy and Omer will entertain themselves today.

Last night, we went to Tripps for dinner. As we pulled into a parking spot, I noticed our closest neighbor, Pat, standing outside the restaurant.  Turns out she was waiting for John, so we all had dinner together. It was great fun. We talked a lot about our recent trip.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to NC, Patsy & Omer!! There is one change in plans, however, THERE WILL BE NO BARFING. Karen, I know you can keep that PMA strong enough(along with enough drugs) to keep the nausea away. As always, keeping you and your entire family in my T's & P's. Love ya

Oops, I posted to the wrong day!!