Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fourth Migraine in a Week

I had migraines on Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, and then Saturday again.

Last night, I had my fourth migraine of the week. It was already well under way when I noticed a small blob of sparkly lights in the middle of my vision. That means I missed about 15 minutes of light sensitivity and blank spots.

I took Maxalt immediately. The sparkly lights increased (as usual) and lingered for 20 minutes (as usual). When the sparkly lights go away, the actual head ACHE starts. But last night, no ache. Well, I had a teeny tiny headache. But that is it.

I did not have to go to bed! It's a miracle!

If this had happened at work, I could have sat quietly for 20 minutes till the sparkly lights ended and then gone right back to work.

So, I will definitely be filling this prescription today.

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