Thursday, June 3, 2010

Checking Email After Midnight

I ended up sleeping all afternoon Wednesday after chemo. I got up for homemade chicken soup and some TV, but then I was back in bed just after 8:30PM. I had a headache and was sleepy. I might have even been a tiny bit nauseated, but that is practically impossible on the first day, so I just ignored it until I fell asleep.

Around 1:00AM, the steroids must have finally kicked in, because I woke up and felt all jumpy and started worrying that maybe I had forgotten to tell my manager that I was starting chemo on Wednesday. I had to get out of bed or run the risk of waking up Lou with my fidgeting. So I came out to the dining room where my laptop is, sent email to my manager, started checking email, and decided to also update the blog.

I feel shaky and generally unwell. I am sneezing a lot, and I still have a headache. That is not too bad.

During chemo yesterday, a nurse came over to ask, "Did I drop your Neulasta shot?" Yes!  I did not recognize her at first because she is no longer very pregnant. (The baby is fine.) So I told her she was on my blog, and I gave this blog address to her.

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