Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Time for Walkies

My house is exactly one mile from the gate at the back entrance into my neighborhood. So, if I walk to the gate and back, it is a two-mile walk with some serious hills.

I love this walk. There are no turns, so I can't get lost. I get to examine my neighbors yards, wave at the people driving by, and check out the prices on houses for sale. All the dogs are locked up, so there is nothing to worry about.

On Friday night, Patsy and I walked this route after our big sushi dinner. We saw a lot of fireflies in the bushes near the gate. I noticed that the door to a pickup truck in a driveway has been left ajar, so I knocked on the front door. A big strapping guy came to the front door and stood there looking at me through the glass storm door. When I realized he was not going to open the storm door (did he think I was a home invader?!) I said loudly that his truck door was open and left without waiting for a response. As we walked away, we saw him run out to the truck. Anyway, we hadn't told Lou and Omer what we were doing, and we had been gone for an hour, so as we finally reached the front porch, they popped out of the house with car keys. They were coming to look for us!

On Saturday morning, Lou and I walked a different two-mile route, to the neighborhood pool and back. We watched a few minutes of a kids swim meet, which was fun.

On Monday night, Lou and I walked to the gate and back after a turkey dinner. The temperature was finally starting to drop, and there was a nice breeze. Rain seemed likely, but we got there and back in 45 minutes without a raindrop falling on us.

It feels great to get out and walk.


Jean Trainor said...

Wow those are long walks- well done and many more to come of course.


Anonymous said...

Good job on all the walking Karen, I need to be doing some of that myself!!! Love your new picture and love you!! xoxo Debbie P.