Thursday, June 24, 2010

Second Big Dose

Yesterday I got my second big dose (5 syringles) of Doxorubicin. Everything went well at Duke. Lou, Patsy, and Omer came along as planned.

The only disappointment was that I forgot to bring in a bag of novels that I had planned to abandon in the treatment waiting room. Ah, next time.

My hair has been falling out a lot in the last couple of days, till it looked sort of awful unless I was wearing a hat. So yeasterday afternoon I got my head shaved. At this point, my plan is to wear hats.

I took an Ambien last night, because otherwise I would have been awake all night once the Decadron kicked in. I am hoping to work from home today, do I needed to sleep.

I told my nurse yesterday what happened after the last dose, how not talking the Decadron pills really did not work out, and that I was very nauseated and it took multiple does of Compazine and Zofran to get the nausea under control. She suggested that in addition to the Decadron pills, I should also take the Zofran starting this morning. I should save the Compazine if I actually feel any nausea (the compazine is the one that makes me sleepy).

So that is the plan.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie, You are so cute bald !!!
Hope this week goes better than the 1st treatment. If I do not see you tonight, I am off to the beach tomorrow until July 1.
I will be keeping all of you in my T's & P's, as always
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

Thank you for posting, even after getting chemo! It means a lot to be able to check in and see how you're doing. I know Lou, Patsy, and Omer are taking great care of you. Sending healthy vibes your way!

-- Meredyth

Anonymous said...

Sending light and love.