Sunday, June 6, 2010

No Nausea While You're Asleep

What a weekend.

At some point late on Friday, I guess I had accumulated enough Compazine and Zofran in my bloodstream to keep the nausea away for longer than an hour at a time! Actually, it got to the point where I only had brief periods of nausea. The trade off was that I was like completely comatose. I slept day and night, for most of the weekend. I would wake up briefly, eat or drink something, and then zonk out again.

Sleeping was a gift. Impossible to feel nauseated while asleep! Other than two quick outings, I have been in my PJs and/or asleep continuously since my last report on Friday morning.

The outings were lunch at a Mexican restaurant on Saturday (followed by a long nap) and Costco shopping this morning (followed by a longer nap).

I have not taken anything for nausea since midday today. I even helped make dinner tonight, which was a miracle, because for most of the weekend, when I was awake, I just sat around like a zombie letting Lou, Patsy, and Omer wait on me. I slept all afternoon, though. In a little while, I'll be going to bed, and I expect to fall right to sleep.

I'm going to NOT set my alarm in the morning. I plan to sleep as late as I can and then make the decision to either log in remotely or actually go into the office. If I am still sleeping too much, it would be silly to drive in to the office.

So, thanks for the nice messages!  It was a heck of a weekend, but I seem to have made it through to the other side.


Anonymous said...

So glad the meds are working for you....who cares if you are a least you are a bit better...take care hello to all of your "support" team...prayers are always on the way for all of you...TTFN Mrs. S. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Glad you made it through and are feeling better. I'm happy your family was there to help you this weekend :) Take it easy!
Mary Beth

Anonymous said...

Thank You for your posts! Hugs, Sharon