Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturday Exhaustion

Saturday morning started off great when I woke up happy and energetic. We all went to the new Brigs for a fantastic breakfast. Patsy got ginormous pancakes and shared them with everyone.

Then we ran some errands at Michaels and Dicks, but then I totally crashed. I was suddenly completely exhausted. I asked Omer if he could drive us home. I went to bed, but was so tired, I could not fall asleep. I just lay there for a long time resting. I felt somewhat better when I finally got up, but I was basically exhausted for most of the day.

I perked up in the evening. We took this picture after dinner.

This morning, I feel great again. I slept well but had elaborate exhausting dreams.

We had a fun breakfast; I made salmon bagels for everyone but Patsy. I am so glad that my parents came out to help! Having them here was a huge help, and a huge comfort. Plus a lot of laughs.

After sending Patsy and Omer off on their journey home, Lou and I walked the 2 mile loop to the gate. I have just come back from grocery shopping all alone -- I have not had to do that in a month! My plan today is to putter around the house, do some ironing, and go out to dinner tonight with a bunch of people in the neighborhood to celebrate Nick's birthday.

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Rick Evans said...

That is a great photo