Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wednesday Checkup

Tomorrow morning, I go to Duke to have my bloodwork checked and see Dr. R for a checkup one week after the chemo started. My plan is to go alone, so that I can go to work afterward.

This afternoon, Lou helped me compile a list of questions. It's not much of a list: two questions and one unpleasant side effect.

What is amazing to me is that I can have something like this unpleasant side effect, something that is bugging me minute to minute -- but when I get into the examination room, I just forget all about it.  "Completely fine," I'll say blithely. "Nothing to report."

So a list is a huge help.

Patsy and Omer are a huge help too!  We teased them today because they managed to get through the entire day without stopping in at the grocery store for something. (Every day I think things I must have, and they run out to get them. It is better than being on a cruise... in a suite... with a butler.) Lou waited till 9:00PM to point this out to them, so that it would be too late for them to go to Harris Teeter.

Hey, I did not go in to the office today. My plan was to go in to the office. Around 9:00AM, I got all dressed up and started driving to work, but felt lousy all of a sudden and turned around before I even got out of the neighborhood. I felt good enough to log in remotely and work from home and finally clean up some pesky issues. I did not take a nap today. I was exhausted at 9:00PM when Patsy and Omer went to bed, but once I went to bed, I woke right up. I am finally feeling sleepy after checking email and surfing the web for an hour. I hope when I crawl back under the covers, I fall right to sleep.

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