Thursday, June 17, 2010


At 2:00PM yesterday, my day was interrupted by another migraine. This time I did not notice anything till the sparkly lights appeared. That is actually pretty far advanced, probably about 20 minutes into it where there are blind spots and a sensitivity to light. I guess I was so intent on my work that I just didn't notice the blind spots.

Nothing to do but take an Immitrex and go home.

Next Wednesday, when I go for Doxorubicin dose #2, I am going to ask Dr R for a prescription for the migraine drug that Tinalynne takes, Maxalt. It would be great if I could find something that allows me to keep functioning, instead of having to go home and go to bed.

And now for something compeltely different...

Today is the day my hair is scheduled to begin falling out (15 days after the first Doxorubicin treatment). But I just tugged on a few strands and nothing happened. (I know how silly that sounds.)

I will be very nervous when I shampoo my hair because last time it came out, that is how it started, with handfuls of soapy hair in the shower.

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