Friday, May 13, 2011

Three Migraines in Two Days

Jeepers, it was crazy.  Three migraines in two days.

The first one was Wednesday morning.  I had already been loggeed on to work for awhile when I noticed the blank spots that are the earliest warning for me that there is a migraine coming. I took Maxalt really fast, was useless for awhile, but then was able to work on Wedneday afternoon as if nothing had happened.

Then on Thursday morning, I saw blank spots again. I took the Maxalt, but it did not work quite as well.  I could not read, watch TV, or sleep.  I just hung around in the dark sort of complaining. Lou stayed away. The migraine lifted -- only to return as another migraine in the afternoon!  And that one was bad. I ended up taking Excedrin Migraine finally, and that helped a lot.  But I was useless all day. 

I did weed a flower bed briefly, but bending over sort of hurt my head.

So all day today I have been watching for another migraine. None has come, thank God!

I worked for 2.5 hours this morning, and then Lou and I went out to the bank, Home Depot, and then Dalat for lunch.  I had awesome pho!  There is no way I am dehydrated. (Someone suggested that the migraines might be caused by dehydration, so today for lunch I ate Vietnamese soup.)

Right now, I am finally back. Maybe I should take a nap before I log on, though. Yes, I am going to nap -- or at least try to -- because I don't want to do anything that will start another migraine.

Tomorrow we have tickets to see HAIR at the DPAC!  Neither one of us has seen it.  It's sort of funny that I will be seeing HAIR when I have none.

(This post might seem vaguely familiar to some of you.  Something happened to Blogspot this week, and my last post was lost.  So I just tried to quickly recreate adn update it.  That post was all about migraines, too.)

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