Saturday, May 7, 2011


I just had lunch. My entree was mac-n-cheese, and it was surprisingly good.  Yesterday's lunch was pretty gross, beef stew on rice, supposedly.  So I wasn't expecting much today.

Lou is actually bringing me a roast beef sandwich from home, which now I will probably eat for dinner.

Today has been fine.

I woke up at 4:00AM because someone took blood.  I was wide awake till 6:30, and I slept till 8:30.  I have gone for several walks and even sat outside in the sun for 30 minutes looking at cartoons from France in 1954.  Sort of funny, sort of strange.  There is a shelf of random books in the Patient and family room here, some strange treasures.

Lou should be arriving here any minute.  Joe and Peg drove him.

Tonight at 8:45 Pat and Carl will drive us home.

Can't wait to be done!  Definitely killed some cancer this weekend.

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