Friday, May 27, 2011

Early Friday Morning

I was wide awake last night, from the Decadron, and so I took an Ambien so that I could sleep. It worked great, till security phoned at 1:00AM to ask permission for my mother to come up for a visit to room 9230.  Well, I'm nowhere near 9230.  I'm somewhere in 9300, not even 9330, so the security guard messed up multiple numbers when he dialed. Luckily after we cleared up the confusion, I fell right back to sleep.

Till 4:30AM.

I was up for the day at 4:30.  I have been up for an hour, and I have already taken a shower and checked email.

Oooh, I ordered a paper copy of The Millionaire Next Door yesterday since Lou has been raving about it, and Barnes and Noble sent email that says they they have already shipped it.

My plan is to go to Starbucks when they open at 6:00AM. My nurse said she would unhook me from the IV pole for the trip. Cindy and Mike sent me a Starbucks card, and I finally remembered to bring it with me. Thanks, Cindy and Mike!  Lou and I had coffee on you yesterday morning, and I am looking forward to coffee and a scone this morning.

Highlights from yesterday:
  • Got chemo really early at 3:40.
  • Got communion.
  • Watched an hour of the Harry Potter movie.
  • Chatted with Darlene.
  • Chatted with Debbie in Seattle.
  • Exchanged amusing texts with Amelia.
  • Exchanged amusing texts with Tinalynne in Montana.
When I talked to Lou this morning, he mentioned that he is going out to dinner tonight with Mo and Gail.  Lucky Lou!

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