Friday, May 6, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me

Carolyn and John arrived at about noon to keep me company for a couple of hours.

"A little birdie told me that you needed this," Carolyn announced as she handed me a grocery sack.

Mystified, I peered inside and found York Peppermint Pattis!  Two different kinds!  Now I do not have to ration them anymore, which is a huge relief because if turns out that a half is not always as good as a whole.

We had a great time, and they stayed till 3:00PM. I warned them that my memory is so bad, the next time I see them I probably won't remember this awesome visit unless they remind me. So it seemed like a good idea to capture their YPP generosity on the blog!  And to take this opportunity to thank the Little Birdie too.

First they watched me eat my strangely unsatisfactory hospital lunch, and then we wento down to the cafeteria so they could have lunch. I got a little tub of potato salad in the cafeteria, which redeemed my entire lunch experience.

It seems like we talked about everything under the sun. I had a really good time.

It helped that I was not tired.  Doane and Marge dropped by after 9:00PM last night, but I was so tired from the Campazine and Zophran I could hardly talk.  I really appreciated the visit though.  It's not every friend ON CRUTCHES who makes such a big effort like Doane to come see a person.  And I never see enough of Marge.

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