Monday, May 16, 2011

Got No Complaints

I am feeling great this morning. I have no complaints! I am sleeping well, too.

Lou and I sat out of the back deck this morning, listening to the birds and watching the sprinklers while we ate breakfast. There was one goose that just would not shut up! The sky is really blue and clear, but I think it might rain later on. Samantha spends a lot of her time on the back deck, so we are taking our cue from her. Really, I think I would do well to emulate my Golden Retriever. She has such a peaceful outlook on life.

I am really loooking forward to getting in to the office today. It was a drag not being able to get in at all last week.

So, I expect to feel great for the next week and a half...  then I go in for Chemo Weekend 6, the final chemo weekend for Ifosfamide. That will be a cause for celebration. Although, the nurses on the 9300 ward are so sweet; they make the chemo weekend as pleasant as possible.

Every time I think about the possibility of cryoablation, I get really happy. It might not happen for months though. Definitely we have to wait for the next CT Scan, which will be in June. And then we might decide to wait for the next scan after that, which would be August. That would give me time to bounce back from chemo.


Anonymous said...

glad you are feeling so well! xoxo

Anonymous said...


You make every day worth living. You're happy just being home and on the back deck. Life is good.
Glad to hear you are having a better day.

Love you and your spirit !