Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is That My Phone Ringing?

My cell phone has been in my pocketbook since we got back from Duke, and a couple of times yesterday, I thought I heard it ringing.  OK, I know I heard it ringing. I just couldn't get to it. Nor apparently can I check voicemail. (But I have kept on top of email.)

There has been no nausea this time, which is super awesome.

My main problem has been complete exhaustion, the kind where you're crashed on the couch and hear your phone ringing but can't be bothered to budge.

I have slept a lot more this time than in the past. I think that is good, because as a result, I have not been argumentative or miserable. When I start to feel bad, I go right to sleep. After about an hour, I wake up feeling fine. This is way better than last time around, when I tried to stay up, when I tried to push through the exhaustion, and I ended up being unpleasant to be around.

In my awake time,s I have read half of A Walk in the Woods, by Bill Bryson.  (Thanks for the recommendation, Christy, I am enjoying it.)

I also watched some movies: The King's Speech, Stakeout, Heaven Can Wait (with Don Ameche), and Curly Top (with Shirley Temple).

This morning, right now, my head is clear and my energy is high. My plan is to work for 2 hours, sleep, lunch, and then work for another two hours this afternoon. It sounds arduous, right? Ha!

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Anonymous said...

Great Plan, and Inspiring! As always, thank you for the posts! XOXO from Bellevue, WA