Thursday, May 26, 2011

Final Chemo Weekend Begins

Lou and I are sitting pretty at Starbucks in Duke University Hospital, waiting for the phone call to tell us that there is a bed available for me up on the 9300 Ward.

It has been a busy day already. We got up wicked early, at 5:00AM, so that we could go for a walk before Mo picked us up at 7:00AM. We got to the clinic before 8:00AM, where I had blood drawn for labs, peed in a cup, and talked to my oncologist's Physician's Assistant.

So now we're settled in at the corner table at Starbucks. Lou is listening to The Millionaire Next Door, which he has been raving about. He's actually using his new Android Fascinate cell phone to listen to this book. I am so jealous of Lou's cool new phone! I have to wait till July to upgrade.

Lou is drinking a Grande Americano, and I am drinking a yummy Frappucino.

The line is out the door!  Luckily there was nobody in line when we got here.

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Anonymous said...

Thoughts and Prayers coming your way! xoxo