Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Not Time Already?!

Everyone, including me, is surprised that it's time already for another chemo weekend.  Three weeks just flies by, especially when I am feeling good.

I am back on the old schedule: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

This is the fifth dose.  Only one more to go after this one!  Yahoo!

I have my Girl Scout cookies ready. I am bringing an extra box this time for Dr R's nurse who never gets nuthin from nobody.

We have had super good luck the last couple of times, where I have gotten the first dose of chemo so early that I am out really early on the last day. Cross your fingers for me that the same thing happens this time. My appointment with Dr R is very early, 8:00AM, so I have a good chance of getting a room and getting the chemo going quick.

This time I am not bringing my fluffy pink slippers because they are just too comfy and flexy. Instead, I need my old stiff Lands End slippers so I can walk laps around the elevator tower when I am bored.

I don't expect to be bored because Carolyn and John are coming to visit me on Friday, to keep me company.

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Anonymous said...

Prayers and Thoughts are with you this weekend. Hope that sushi was GREAT! Love and Hugs from Bellevue, WA! XOXO