Saturday, May 7, 2011


The frantic beeping of my IV just woke me up.

I glanced at the clock, and in the dark I thought it was 6:10AM.  I was so relieved that the night was over. But then I turned on the light and saw that is was actually 2:30AM. Lots of night left to try to sleep through.

The thing beeped for long enough to really wake me up. I used the call button to let them know about it, and then I did something a little snarky. I opened my door to share the beeping with the world. I figured that would make someone come faster.

Some other nurse popped in and shut off the beeping and said it would be okay for another 30 or 40 minutes, that there was enough left in the saline bag ttill then, but then it would beep again.  She left before I could point out that I would just have fallen asleep again when the beeping resumed, and that was less a than ideal plan.

But luckily my real nurse popped in with a huge fresh bag of saline. She apologized for not sneaking in to change it before it woke me up. She had actually also snuck in at 1:00AM to hang my second doze of Mezna, and even turned on a light, and I never even stirred.  Nice!

Okay now I think I am sleepy enough to try to go back to sleep. Lets hope I make it through till 6:00AM this time.

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Drake said...

Hope you are sleeping happily!