Thursday, April 14, 2011


Yesterday went really well.  We got in a room before noon, and I had one of my favorite nurses.

Chemo started at 4:20PM, which was completely amazingly early.  This means chemo on Thursday will be at 12:20, and then chemo on Friday will be at 8:20AM and I will be heading home around 4:30 on Friday.  Awesome not to have to stay at the hotel next door.

I handed over my Girl Scout as usual.

I was really sleepy yesterday and dozed a lot. Mo dropped by and entertained us with dog competiyion stories and news from the old neighbor hood, then he took Lou home at 5:00PM.  After that, I slept a lot.

Fun size York Peppermint Patties are totally working to keep the nasty taste away when they flush my port.  Much better than other things I have tried.  Amelia had mentioned that poppermint was anti-nausea for many people...

When I was in the elevator with Lou at some point, coming back from Starbucks probably, a lady started talking to me about chemo.  She is a cancer survivor.  It was nice, like, I am part of a huge community of cancer survivors. 

After she left, we decided that there are three camps of people who talk to me:

  • the first camp is like that lady in the elevator.  The the message is "I am still Alive!"
  • the second camp is someone who was a caretaker and basically tells me about everyone they know who dies from cancer, sort of once the floodgates open they can't stop. The message is "Cancer is not easy." or "Just seeing your bald head brought all my pain back up for me!"
  • the third camp is someone who just tells me that they have noticed me and are praying for me. The message is "You are loved."

All three are fine.  All three mean well.

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