Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top Sarcoma Centers

I just got email from another person with leiomyosarcoma who said that she was told the same thing, that if the metastacized tumors are in multiple systems then no surgery for you. But she said, no surgery did not mean no radiation and no RFA...

So maybe there is more out there for me beyond chemo.

Lou and I just looked at the list of "top sarcoma centers" in the US. If we go, he wants to turn it into a vacation. He is so funny. He always wants to have a good time. Imagine that.

Here is the list:

Cleveland Clinic Sarcoma

Dana Farber Cancer Center, Sarcoma page

Huntsman Cancer Institute

Mass General Hospital Cancer Center

MD Anderson Sarcoma Center

Moffitt Cancer Center Sarcoma Program

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Sarcoma page

University of Michigan Cancer Center, Sarcoma Clinic

Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center (Los Angeles)

This is not a comprehensive list.  It is just someone's opinion of "major" or "top" sarcoma centers.

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