Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wandering Around London Today

Lou and I would probably be looking at Egyptian antiquities in the British Museum right this minute -- if we had not cancelled the trip to Egypt!

Yesterday we would have flown to London. We would have landed this morning. Our plan was to stay awake as long as possible so we could get over the jetlag quickly. He is always better at that than I am, staying awake. We figured it would have been much betetr to wander around London half asleep than Cairo half asleep.

We would have had the opportunity for like a day and a half to see a lot of Egyptian stuff, then we would have headed over to Cairo to join the group and start the tour.

It would have been awesome!

This afternoon, I will serve myself afternoon tea as a sort of tribute to the cancelled trip.  I will have to make sure I use the tea towel that is printed like the Rosetta Stone (which we bought at the British Musuem when we were in London years ago).

I guess I got over being really disappointed about this trip back in March.  Maybe next year we can go.

Anyway, I have something more exciting to think about. The day before yesterday, I strongly urged a friend to stop dilly dallying and make a certain doctor's appointment.  Later that day, I realized that I needed to take my own advice. Why should I wait two weeks to ask Dr. R's opinion about radiofrequency ablation (RFA)? Dr R is brilliant and awesome, but he is a chemo guy. If I want to hear about RFA, then I need to talk to an RFA guy. So yesterday I called Dr Christensen at Duke. I was looking only for an appointment, but I spoke with the doctor himself. He will review my scans to see whether my lesions meet the specific criteria for RFA.  Lou and I will meet him on May 9 to hear what he thinks.  (He said he also performs cryoablation, which is where he freezes the tumor, and that might be something to consider.)  I am pretty excited. It might work out, and it might not. But either way, I took control of the situation and asked for what I want.


Anonymous said...

of course if you were in London at this time, it would be all about the Royal Wedding too...:) but take care and enjoy your tea and prayers and our thoughts are always with you..Happy Easter to you and Lou and watch out for those "chocolate" eggs..") Love, Mrs. S. xxxooo

Anonymous said...

Way to Go!!! Love It that you have an appt. and that there might be more options. Love those miracles througout the day! XOXO

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!! and have a scone with clotted cream for me. Love, Carol Q.

Karen said...

Mrs S, you just reminded me that today is also the Queen's 85th birthday!

This would have been a good day to go to London...

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW, way to go Karen!! I can't wait to hear what he has to say and the best thing of all is how much focus you have on finding other treatment options, I am so impressed and love you tons!!!!!
xoxo Debbie P.