Monday, April 4, 2011

Summer Day

Today will be a lovely summer day here in the Raleigh area! It will be 83 degrees and sunny and windy.

I am going to blog quickly so I can get Sam out for a quick walk before I go to work.

What's my status?

I am sleeping great! And I wake up feeling really good.

There are a few trouble spots on my scalp. And what little hair I have left continues to grow, which looks very freaky.

I have had a few occasions of minor discomfort in my chest area, but they are mild and fleeting. When they happen, I think of what my friend Meredyth suggested: that a tumor is thrashing about in pain as the chemo overwhelms it.

I am still very sensitive to smell. Some strong smells make me feel nauseated, but then it goes away immediately if I get away from the smell. For example, a very good friend gave me a tube of passionfruit lotion, and I loved it at first, but now just a whiff makes my stomach roil.

Saturday was tough on Lou. I felt great and energetic, but I had a hard time remembering anything. For example, we planned what we would do early on Saturday; then an hour later, I suggested something completely different because I had forgotten about the plan. Or, while we were on our walk, I kept asking the same question over and over because the answer had already flown out of my head. Yikes! But that went away by Sunday.

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