Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Breakfast Out

I must be feeling good!  Lou and I went out to Brig's for breakfast this morning. That's a benefit of waking up so early in the morning.  As soon as I am done here, I am headed into the office, so I can work a half day before I crash.

A lot of strangers have been coming up to me lately to wish me luck or tell me about their beloved dead relatives. (It's almost always very sweet, and I appreciate people telling me they are going to pray for me.)

But yesterday I finally realized that if I were wearing a wig -- if I were hiding the evidence of the chemo -- then no one would be coming up to me. That might not seem like a huge breakthrough to you, but it was for me.

Wearing a hat is like advertising the chemo. 

Wearing a wig is hiding the chemo.

Before this breakthrough, wearing a hat meant COMFORT and FREEDOM.  Wearing a wig meant HOT and ITCHY and PUNISHMENT.

I am not putting the wig back on. but at least now I can stop wondering why all these strangers are approaching me.

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