Friday, December 2, 2011

Four Gray Pills

The handouts say that I am supposed to take the 4 gray pazopanib pills either one hour before or two hours after any food or medication.

Lou and I stood in the kitchen Wednesday night trying to figure out when the best time would be. It was such an intense technical discussion, we could have used a spreadsheet to help us. If this pill works, I will be taking it indefinitely, so we needed to pick a time that wouldn't disrupt my life too much.

Originally I thought that I would take the pills two hours after dinner -- but my dinnertime varies wildly.  Plus, I take some medications when I go to bed. Can I guarantee that there would be one hour between the pazopanib and bedtime?

I could take the pill first thing in the morning, but that means that breakfast would have to wait an hour. I usually eat breakfast about 30 minutes after I wake up, and then I zoom to work. Do I want to have to eat breakfast in my office every weekday? I dunno about that.

I did verify with the pharmacist that clear liquids are okay just before or just after I take the pazopanib. Since I uses skim milk in my tea, my usual mug of tea would be okay.

Anyway, Lou and I decided to go with 10:00AM every day. That's a little more than 2 hours after my typical breakfast-time, but at least an hour before lunch. And it has the added benefit of prohibiting morning snacking! Lou set up a reminder on my cell phone.

I took the first dose on Thursday, and the second dose today. So far, everything is fine.

Last note: yesterday morning I had excellent physical therapy, and this morning I had excellent acupuncture.

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Anonymous said...

Love It!!! Hugs from Sharon in Bellevue, WA xoxo