Saturday, December 10, 2011

Again With the Early Wake-Up Call

Like clockwork, the pain from the bulging disc woke me up at 5:00AM. But last night was different. I took a sleeping pill, in addition to the painkiller, at bedtime, in the hope that I would not wake up needing more painkillers at 3:00AM.  That worked. I slept right through.

That's an interesting tradeoff.  Which is worse, the middle of the night extra painkillers or the sleeping pill?  And more importantly, will the extra nerontin eventually kick in and reduce my need for nighttime meds?

Enough about pain.

Today Lou and I are running an errand for George. We're picking up an item from a Craigslist seller and shipping it to George.  Fun.

I really shouldn't blog first thing in the morning when I am in pain and grumppy!  (A little time has passed, and a little tea has been consumed and a little grumpiness has faded.)

I can't lie down, I can't sit down. The pain lessens when I stand or walk around.  So Lou comes in and asks very sweetly if I would consider ironing some of his long sleeved shirts that I am holding hostage in their wrinkly state. Perfect!  I stand while I iron, so the pain will be lessened. And my heart is lifted when I iron. plus, I have been craving watching Home Alone. Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit like that movie.

So, that is the plan right now.  Lou will cook breakfast while I iron and watch a movie.

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