Friday, December 16, 2011

Like a Guest in My Own House

This week has been a huge challenge, but I am a lot better now.

It's so funny that the chemo is going along just fine, not giving me any trouble at all -- but that the bulging disc just about killed me this week.

On Monday, I was at my wits end with all the pain from the bulging disc pressing on the nerve root. I wanted to chop off my left leg.

But the word came down from Duke for me to try more Neurontin (which is the nerve pain blocker drug). They increased my dose to 2 pills, 3 times per day. That dose turned me into a Drooling Zombie for two days.  I could not drive, converse, read, watch TV, eat, or function at all.  (Poor Lou, having to put up with that.)

Once I adjusted to the higher dose, and stopped drooling, I was fine -- and the PAIN WAS GONE!

It was an early Christmas Miracle, an answer to my prayers.  Actually, to be honest, I have to clarify that the pain is mostly gone. Like, 90% gone. I am making a big effort to ensure that my back is always suported, that I do not pick up anything heavy, and that I use ice packs when the pain returns.

Oh, and I have been sleeping in the guest room all week. The mattress there is much firmer than the one in the master bedroom. As a result I have been sleeping a lot better... despite being lonely for Lou. Last night, after four blissful nights in the guest room, I tried an experiment: I went to bed in the master bedroom just to see if the mattress was really part of the problem. It was awful! My back and leg hurt so much, no matter what position I assumed, that I had to go back to the guest room.

Lou says my homework is to find a mattress that is bulging-disc-friendly. I guess I'll be surfing the web tonight... Anyone have suggestions?

It is a good thing we have no plans for house guests, though. I do not know how long it will take to get a new mattress that works.

Last night, my homework was to find steak knives online. We are having friends over for prime rib on Christmas day, and we have no steak knives. That was fun. Gosh, I love shopping.


Anonymous said...

Yes, LOVE Shopping!!! xoxo from Sharon in Bellevue, WA

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen. Glad your back is better. Some of my (and, therefore, your) coworkers swear by Sleep # bed but I have no personal experience with it. Let me know if you want there names. Take care. Hugs, CQ