Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Attack Dog!

I woke myself up this morning tossing and turning, looking for a position where my back didn't hurt.

At first I thought it was the middle of the night and that I would just take another painkiller and go back to sleep. But it was 5:30.

I decided to get up.

I snuck out to the kitchen, leaving Lou and Bailey asleep. I made myself a cuppa and settled at the kitchen table to play Words With Friends.

Soon, Lou and Bailey came out of the bedroom. Bailey saw me and went nuts. She barked and growled in a really scary way. Lou immediately grabbed her collar.

"Who is this person in the kitchen?! No one is ever in the kitchen when Daddy and I get up!"

I talked to her, hoping that she would recognize my voice. Lou talked to her too.

She kept growling.

Finally I walked away and sat in the sunroom, where I always go to pet her when I come home at night. Finally she recognized me. Then she was all wiggles and cuddles and apologies.

Burglars beware! This dog is scary!

(Right now I am at physical therapy)

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Anonymous said...

That is kind of scary really. You might want to mention it to a behaviorist. I know someone who was badly mauled by their own dog when their dog got confused (they think, they do not know for sure) by a change in circumstances. Glad you are doing well on your new meds.

Kathy in Kent :o)

Anonymous said...

Hope You Pain is Better!!! Love from Sharon in Bellevue, WA xoxo