Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Need Some Sleep

I haven't been sleeping more than 2 hours at a time. I wake up in pain, wander around the house for awhile till the pain drops to a manageable level, and then go back to bed for another 2 hours or so. Awful. I hate the thought of another night like that.

I talked to my doctor today trying to get a sleeping pill because all I want is a good night's sleep. But he wouldn't cooperate, and rightly so, because it's the pain waking me up. So instead he wants me to take more of that nerve pain blocker at night. I took it at 8:00PM, and two regular pain killers at 10:00PM, and now finally the pain shooting down my left leg is significantly reduced.

I must admit that I feel some empathy for poor Michael Jackson. It's terrible not to be able to sleep. I bet if I were famous and rich, I could have gotten some doctor to cooperate today. Oh well. See how that turned out.

Everyone else is sleeping. I'm in my office, watching Doc Martin episodes.

I guess pretty soon I'll try going to bed.

Other than all this back and leg pain, things are great. It's so nice to have Patsy and Omer here. We've been having fun hanging out, and we have tickets on Friday to se the Rembrandt exhibit at the art museum. My Dad has been fixing things, and my Mom has been making killer salads.


Argh, I cannot sleep. I lasted 15 minutes in bed.


Mary Beth said...

Ah, Karen. It is terrible not to be able to sleep;it's a problem I don't think people really get until they have experienced it. Sorry it is so hard. Hope it is getting better.
Enjoy the Rembrandt exhibit. We loved it. I learned a lot :).
Have a nice visit with your family. What a nice surprise for you!

Anonymous said...

So Sorry!!! xoxo from Bellevue, WA