Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oblivious to What's Happening in Front of Me

Last night, Lou and I were watching an old Criminal Minds on our DVR and playing Words With Friends on our Android phones.  What a great evening... We were completely oblivious to Miss Bailey, our 7 month old Golden Retriever pup.  Sure, when she nudged us with her tennis ball, we tossed it across the room.  But we weren't really paying attention.

Suddenly I noticed that she had dragged one of our Turkish carpets in front of the TV. Yikes!

It was the small carpet from the front door.  She had dragged it over and CHEWED it up right in front of us. The floor in front of the TV was littered with scraps of wool and tassles, all damp with dog spit.

I yelped and jumped up and grabbed the carpet up to see the damage.

It's bad. Anyone know of a carpet repair magician in the Raleigh area? Maybe they can just make the entire carpet smaller... I don't know. I love this carpet.

Lou and I bought this carpet in 2004 when we went on our first Mediterranean cruise and visited Turkey for the first time. (We loved Turkey!)

I have great memories of the entire carpet purchasing process. There was a family from Japan there at the same time, purchasing multiple SILK carpets for their home, and our poor salesman got stuck selling us WOOL. Lou had just one sip of some God awful murky alcoholic beverage. When we were ready to go, I was amazed to see them fold up both carpets and fit them into a rolling suitcase so we could easily carry our treasures home. All the ship crew said, "Bought a carpet?" as we rolled the suitcase to our cabin.

Oh yeah, we bought two carpets on that trip. The other one has not been chewed -- yet. Here's the culprit, Miss Bailey, and Lou on that other carpet this morning.

She is a sweet, destructive, little love bunny.  So is he!

Anyway, we have rolled up both carpets and shoved them into a closet. It would be foolish to leave the bigger one on the floor, in her domain, now that she has gotten a taste for wool.

This was a fun distraction from the reality of Scan Day. This afternoon I go for a CT Scan, and then tomorrow I get the results. I have had tumor pain, so the news might not be super fabulous. We'll see. My plan is to post the results from my phone to this blog after the appointment tomorrow morning.

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