Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I feel great today!

I spent the weekend in my pajamas getting over that stomach bug -- and ironing.  Got a lot of ironing done.  This morning when I went into our closet, I was so happy to see all the clothes in there. Till this weekend, there had been a lot of wrinkly clothes being held hostage in my office.

Hey, I saw a tee shirt in a catalog that said:

The opposite of irony is wrinkly.

I love it!

Today we are supposed to have rain showers, and I hope that they do not keep the trick-or-treaters home tonight. Halloween is a lot of fun.

We have a new puppy, though, and we are not really sure what she is going to think about all the little monsters coming up onto the front porch and ringing the doorbell.


Anonymous said...

glad you are doing better and hope you enjoyed Halloween...we did with our 2 grandchildren...take care Love, Mrs. s. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
Hope all goes well today. You are in our prayers.
How was your Halloween? We had some rain but still got a good number of trick-or-treaters.
Congrats on the new puppy! What a fun time. They're so cute when they're little :).
Take care,
Mary Beth