Monday, November 28, 2011

MRI Today

I talked to Dr R's nurse today to find out if he needs to see me in person before I start taking pazopanib. She said that the call I got last Wednesday, that must have been a mistake, because he does not need to see me.

I took the opportunity to describe all this night time pain, and she asked a lot of questions and then said that she would talk to Dr R and get back to me.

He called me in person. He wants me to have an MRI ASAP so that we can rule out anything serious going on with my spinal cord. Definitiely I cannot start pazopanib till we figure out what is up with this pain, just in case there needs to be surgery.

He also said this sounds like a nerve issue (just what I thought!) because of the shooting pain and therefore is not surprised that the narcotic painkiller is not helping. So he is also calling me in a prescription for a nerve painkiller that I can start taking in addition to the oxycodone.

So I will leave work at like 2:15 and zoom up to Durham for an MRI.


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