Thursday, November 10, 2011

Monstrous Distractions

Yesterday, the monster provided me with a lot of distraction.

We started with an early morning vet appointment, so that she could get the bordatella vaccine again. It's required for her because she's going into a kennel over Thanksgiving weekend.  Oh, did I say kennel? I meant to say pampered pooch spa resort.

Anyway, Lou and I spread out a blanket in the back, because Bailey gets car sick. It's a short 20 minute drive to the vet, and when we got there, I saw that there was no vomit on the blanket.  "Good girl!" I said. Then I saw the vomit all over the wheel hump and wall.  I guess she didn't think it was a good idea to throw up on the blanket. She must have made a big effort to throw up off the blanket (and unfortunately all over my upholstery).

We brought her into the vet, then I came out with paper towels to start the cleanup. Dear God. I did the best I could, but I knew I would have to finish up at home with rags and cleaner.

Anyway, the vet appointment went really well. Bailey actually has a mild case of mange, probably from the stress of  coming to live with us.  Ha!  Lou and I are pretty stressed, too. Surprised we don't have mange.

We go to Swift Creek Vet at the corner of Penny and Holly Springs. They have taken care of Molly, Samantha, and now Bailey. They have been awesome.

When we got home, I kept working on the car till it looked fine and smelled fine.

I didn't get to the office till noon.  But I stayed till 8PM, so I got a full day in. There is a lot going on right now. I have a lot of writing to do, and I love doing it. I am especially motivated to work really hard right now, in case I have to miss some days when chemo finally starts.

Chemo.  No word yet on whether BCBS will approve the pazopanib.

Back to Bailey. Next time, we're going to use a much bigger blanket. And we'll keep the windows open. She loved the breeze on the way home. Maybe the breeze will keep her from barfing. Plus, the vet suggested that we start taking her on really short trips, like just around the block, to get her used to the sensation of being in a moving car.

But April gave me the best advice.  Next time, don't feed her till AFTER the vet appointment!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
Glad your puppy can provide distraction, but sorry it is of the messy variety. We had a schnauzer who always got carsick as a puppy but then outgrew it at just about one year. Hope Bailey outgrows it too.
I am hoping you hear from BCBS soon and get a big "yes". If not, I'm sure your doctor has something else in mind. (He sounds very competent :))
We keep you and Lou in our prayers and wish you the best.
Mary Beth