Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Back

I am up again early today.  And because it's time to fall back, it's even earlier that I think.

What a funny weekend!

I might not have slept late yesterday, but I did run out of steam around 3:00 after searching three stores unsuccessfully for a fireplace screen. So I took a nap. I totally crashed. Lou came in and woke me up at 5:30 to ask if I was up for a pizza run. Oh yeah, baby.

I haven't had to take Advil at all for the last couple of days.  No tumor pain! It's sort of amazing. Maybe the news of impending chemo scared them into behaving themselves.  Like, when I was a little kid, and bedtime was approaching, I would lie really still on the living room floor where the family was watching TV in the hopes that neither parent would notice me and send me to bed.

Speaking of parents -- last night my friend Susan gave me photos of last Christmas Eve, when we had dinner together with my parents.  Really nice pictures!  Of really nice people!  (Susan, do you have the photos in digital format so I can post one here and email them all to my parents?)

Lou turns fitty in December.  (He thinks it's funny to pronounce it like that.)  We had planned a trip to Florida, but MY GOD the airplane ticket prices are high.  So we think we are going to stay home instead and have a combined New Year's Eve and Multiple December Birthday (Lou, Gail, Brent, etc) party instead.

I think this new plan sounds like a huge blast.

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Anonymous said...

Hope your prayers will be answered and info will be upcoming soon. You are still one of the greatest people I know. Enjoy "Bailey" -- even if he chews for now - he will outgrow it -- I think!!!
Gerry F.