Saturday, May 9, 2009

What a Long Week!

On Monday morning, Lou and I met Dr. Richard Feins at UNC and were really impressed. He told us all about the CT scan results and how he plans to remove the four nodules on my lungs. I am easily grossed out, but it was nice how animated he became when talking about all the cool technology he'll be using on me. It will be minimally invasive, thank God. He is going to go in between my ribs with a scope and a video camera. Oh, but first I have to pass a couple of tests next week. More on that later.

On Monday afternoon, I used email to step down from all my committee chair positions because I really want to be able to focus on getting better -- without worrying about agendas and deadlines and making decisions that affect other people.

On Tuesday, I talked to my boss and started the ball rolling for short term disability leave.

On Wednesday, I told a lot more people and then watched a lot of Stargate SG-1 episodes via Netflix and pretended that nothing was wrong in my life. Lou was really busy cancelling all our summer vacation plans and then booking us a sweet quick trip to Charleston SC next week! Yippee, four days of fun before all heck breaks loose! (Have I mentioned yet that I am married to the best guy on Earth?)

On Thursday and Friday, I worked super hard because I realized how much stuff I should finish before I disappear temporarily from work.

On Saturday I slept late and then surfed the web trying to figure out how the heck ya start a blog.

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