Friday, May 15, 2009

Live Long and Prosper

Lou and I had not been to a movie since May 2006 when we were visiting Raleigh to decide if we wanted to move here. We saw Thank You For Smoking, and it was great.

So last night when we got to Charleston, we walked down to the Hipodrome near the Aquarium and saw Star Trek on a very big screen. We liked it a lot. (We have been to Star Trek Conventions.) There were only four of us left in the theater for the entire credits and the final "In Memory of Gene Rodenbury and Majel Barett Rodenbury."

But you're not here for a movie review.

We got the call yesterday with the PET Scan results when we were about 100 miles from Charleston, and we almost turned around to go back to Raleigh. There is a mass in my psoas muscle near L4 and I need to get that mass biopsied before Dr. Feins will go ahead with the lung surgery.

So the doctor asks, "Have you had any low back pain?" And I am like "No, no... oh but my left hip aches so much some nights I cannot sleep." Bingo. Why did I never think to mention that to anyone?! Argh!

Carol Q, can you remember what month it was that I begged off our lunchtime walk outside Building T because my hip hurt? That is the first time I remember hip pain, and maybe the doctors would be interested in knowing when it started.

So we are waiting to hear right now if we are headed back to Raleigh TODAY for the biopsy or if it will be on Monday. We have the day planned: sightseeing... or just driving home right quick for a medical procedure.

Keep ya posted...


Karen said...

The biopsy will occur on Monday! So I am free to have a blast till then.

I am going to try not to worry all weekend. You should do the same! ;^)

Anonymous said...

Karen, This is your boarder, Barbara. I just want you to know that I think of you and what you are going through every day. It is good that Patsy is there playing her game and making you laugh. Omer and Lou are pretty funny too so enjoy there humor as much as you can. Love, Barbara.

CarolQ said...


I couldn't remember when you begged off walking because of hip pain but I checked with Carole B and she thinks she remembers you mentioning it during your last lunch with her on April 8. Take care and know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Carol & Carole

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen and Lou(ie)
Glad to here ya'll are staying to enjoy the rest of your trip. That was my 2nd thought after reading your blog. Hope you have a great couple of days. I'm keeping you both in my T's & P's.
Love ya, Doane

Gail said...

Hi Karen! We are thinking of you and will send as many positive thoughts your way as we can tomorrow!! We love you and will stay in touch until you get through this! Love to Lou, too!

Eddie and Gail