Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No News Is Good News

With my imagination, sometimes no news is no good.

I had the PET Scan on Monday and by golly I was ready for the results on Tuesday morning. The nice lady who answered the phone at the doctor's office told me that it would take two days for them to get back to me with my results. I'm no mathmetician but Tuesday plus two equals Thursday. How could I wait till Thursday?

Luckily I have been very busy at work. I have been trying to finish EVERYTHING which is just silly. At some point today, I gave up and decided to finish just two medium-sized tasks. The rest can just sit there and wait for me to get back.

And now I am officially on vacation!

Lou and I are driving to Charleston, South Carolina, tomorrow morning for four days of relaxation, fun, and sightseeing. Thanks to April, I know that there is a Tea Festival this weekend near Charleston. Thanks to several of you, I know that I have to eat shrimp and grits.

I am looking forward to temporarily forgetting about all my troubles.

What I won't forget is how great I feel tonight after reading all your comments and email. I can't thank you all enough for reaching out to me and helping me feel loved. I know I can handle whatever happens.


Anonymous said...

Hey Karen
Hope you and Lou(ie) have a wonderful time in Charleston. Forget your diet-Low Country food is the BEST. You can eat seafood anyway, anytime fried, baked, broiled, boiled, smothered, in gumbo, with grits (YES-a must). And when you're on the go, you can even get a Po-boy sandwich. Remember Bubba, the black guy from the movie "Forest Gump", when he was telling Forest all the ways to fix shrimp. Sorry, I got track a little. Anyway, eat until your hearts content and then some for me, too. I'll keep you in my T's & P's. Love ya, Doane

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, And you must try Sweet Potato Souffle.

Anonymous said...

Karen -
You are in my thoughts and prayers. With that cheerful and loving attitude you have, you are going to be ok. There are many of us praying and thinking of you and your family! If you need anything from me - please let me know. Much love to you and your family - Jennifer Davidson

CarolQ said...

Hey Karen,

Thanks for the blog - what a wonderful idea to keep us all up-to-date. Take care and know I'm sending very positive thoughts your way!

Anonymous said...

Karen, my sister Gloria (as in Glo and Tom) sent me your blog address. I'll keep you in the light and will send lots of energy your way.
Keep laughing and stay open to all the good that's coming your way.
I need to ask you a question. When you had the tubes in your lungs and you'd laugh DID YOU WHISTLE??? :):):)
Say hello to mom and dad for me.
Wishing you the best
Barbara Hamilton