Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jimmy Buffett Ate at This Table

We are having so much fun here in Charleston! We haven't even left yet, and I am looking forward to coming back some day. Last night at 9:45, after our guided walking tour of scandal and murder, we ended up at Hyman's Seafood for a late dinner. The girl seats us and Lou looks down to see a little plaque on the table in front of him that says "Jimmy Buffett ate at this table." No better way to end the day.

We are heading back to Raleigh this morning, a day earlier than planned, so I will be there for the biopsy tomorrow. We are supposed to hear the results on Wednesday. The lung surgery has moved to Friday to give us time to get the biopsy results -- but it might not happen (depending on the biopsy results).

Lou says I have to get moving now because our plan is eat breakfast, check out, go to the Angels and Demons movie, and then hit the road.


Anonymous said...

The question is, were you brave enough to try the shrimp and grits with the red-eye gravy?? I remember them with fondness and Jennifer and Brad sat at our table. Love, CQ

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, So glad you & Lou enjoyed Charleston...looking forward to seeing you this week. My prayers are with you. Terri

Anya said...

Karen--Glad you got to enjoy Charleston. Lots of thoughts and prayers are being thunk and muttered! Hang in there.

carol said...

I hope your biopsy went well today. You have been in my thoughts and prayers every day.
Charleston is a fun place!

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen, I just joined this thing I think. Hang in there, I hope they don't find anything else. You have the Jimmy Buffet karma that is for sure.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

Just catching up on the blog. We have to go to Hyman's whenever we're down in Charleston (which is not often enough!). Sinbad (the Comedian, not the Sailor) sat at our table. :-)

This has truly been a roller coaster ride -- you just hang on and you'll come out laughing at the end.

Warm thoughts and healthy vibes,

Anna said...

Hi Karen:

I've been thinking of you. The blog is a great idea. Hopefully I'll be seeing you soon. Take care.

With Love and Prayers,
Anna Heyel