Sunday, May 24, 2009

Upcoming Events

Here is the schedule of events for the upcoming week, which starts with Memorial Day:

Monday: Dinner at Karen and Charlie's in the old neighborhood. We're bringing black beans.

Tuesday: Work!

Wednesday: Work! plus an MRI at 7:45 PM

Thursday: Three doctor's appointments:

  • 9:00 AM spinal surgeon
  • 11:00 AM radiation planning
  • 1:00 PM CT scan

Friday: Work! plus Patsy and Omer fly home.

My parents have been such a huge help! Everything would have been so much harder to deal with without them. They told me that they will come back if we need them -- but I hope the next time they come, it is for fun and relaxation only.

If we need them, Patsy says they can drive here and finally bring me this ironing board that they have been holding for me for about five years. It is sort of an understatement to say that I enjoy ironing. I would love the opportunity to iron on this ironing board. It is the ironing board from my childhood, a huge heavy old one that my parents cleaned up and re-painted and refurbished for me. Patsy says it was a Christmas present, before they got married, from Nana and Grandpa (Patsy's parents). That's 1960! They knew how to manufacture an ironing board back then! Built to last!


Anonymous said...

Hey Karen
Sound like a busy week. I know you will hate to see your parents go. Tell them not to worry too much, we're going to get you wherever you need to be "gotten to". And, whatever else needs to be done. Hope ya'll enjoy the rest of the week together.

Julia said...

Good spending time with you and the girls last night and hope you will feel free to call on us when you need some help. We all luv ya, Later, Julia

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Pat and Om have been a help--they all ways/always are there in a pinch when they are needed. And so thoughtful of them that just when you're not feeling 100% they remember something they actually kept from #72 !!! and you can do WORK on boxes of chocolates or other goodies from them; nope a reminder you need to keep up your good work. So thoughts, prayers and bunches of good wishes from us to you and to them. TTYL Mrs. S. from the "Hood"

Anonymous said...

Wow! You've got a heckuva week coming up. Know you'll be thrilled to get that ironing board. I've never known anyone who loves ironing like you! Actually, I've never known anyone who loves ironing at all. Take care and here's a great big hug! (((((Karen)))))

Carol Q

Anonymous said...

Hello from DC! Sounds like I'll get back just in time to miss you. But you're in our thoughts just the same. Good that you'll have a game plan soon.

Love you!