Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Surgery on Friday!

Everything seems brighter and more hopeful today.

I have already talked to Dr. Feins (thoracic surgeon) and have an appointment this afternoon to talk to Dr. Fowler (oncologist). Lou is upstairs compiling our list of questions. He is just so awesome and logical and got a lot of good info last night from our buddy Bob on Fox Island.

The surgery for tomorrow is cancelled.

There is a chance that they are going to offer me cyber knife surgery at UNC to take care of the mass in the psoas muscle, and then after that we will deal with the lungs. Cyber knife surgery is just too cool!

We also called to inquire about the Bone and Soft Tissue Cancer Center at Duke.

Yesterday I was so bummed out, I actually declined sushi for dinner. [GASP] That's the first time in recorded history that I have ever declined yummy raw fish. But you know what? I'm thinking that if I play my cards right, I might get sushi for lunch today ;^)


Anya said...

Almost time for Sushi. And, please eat some extra for me. Love you.

Gail said...

Good Morning Karen & Lou, It's a beautiful day here in the NW and as I meditate this morning I feel so grateful to have friends like you guys!
Sushi? Karen, I've never tried it! Maybe I'll make a trip to N.C. to try never know!

Anonymous said...

Again we wish you only the best and hope that all will be taken care of at one time. You are in good hands w. your great support team and I am sure you will make an informed Dr.'s choice. We will continue to send good wishes and happy thoughts and prayers your way and if you think sushi is yummy--go for it...I'm preferring deep fried and lots of vinegar and ketchup on mine!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I admire your gumption. I am so glad they can do surgery on your cancer!!!!. If you ever want to talk we are going thru the exact same thing you and Lou are only four months ahead. I love you guys. Karla

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen and Lou,

Jim and I send our love and prayers. You two are such an inspiration and we hope so much that you can get this cancer eradicated just like the original one.

Karen, all the ladies at ABSI sent their love last night and are hoping that your appointments today give you positive news.

Love you tons and talk to you soon,
Debbie and Jim

Joe said...

We miss you on the bus - hurry back.

If you didn't have sushi today, you can go tomorrow since you won't be having the surgery.


Ryan Charpentier said...


The Charpentier's are sending you all of our good vibes and lots of love.

I'm hoping you had an incredible sushi lunch today. I could go for some salmon and unagi right about now...

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

I hope you got your sushi today! And I really hope that your appts went well and that you've got a plan now in the works.

I went to a talk today about How to Stay Positive in Challenging Times. The main things were focus on the things that you can control, stay in touch with your values, keep your eyes on your desired outcome, and never lose your sense of humor. Basically, they should have just walked you into the room and said "Everyone, this is Karen. Be like her!"

You're inspiring. Pure and simple!

Woody and I are sending healthy thoughts and prayers your way.


Jane said...

Hi glad you have this blog setup so your fellow vanpoolers can 'keep up' with your progress. Hope you got the sushi! We miss you...I'm praying for you each day. Take care. Jane B.

Anonymous said...

Eric and I are sending you lots of love, Karen. We're up in Seattle packing up the apartment. We'll be keeping you in our thoughts and reading the blog for news. Your old friend Jeannie

Anonymous said...

Karen, CyberKnife is the procedure that I mentioned the other day that my dad has had. He had the procedure a few months ago for lung cancer at the age of 82. As far as anyone knows, the results have been as hoped and he was back to work (yes, he still works full time) the next day. Best wishes and high hopes, Jay

Alan said...

Karen, I am praying for you and your family. Luv ya gurl. Alan from Holly Springs

Tim Hatcher said...

Alan L just told me about your continuing cancer challenge. At first I was really bummed and thought "Of all the people I know, she deserves this less...blah, blah", and then I remembered that it is what it is and that everything happens for a reason even if I have no clue what it is. Anyway, I miss seeing you and promise to come to HS meeting soon. Tim H

Jane said...

So glad you are resting better...we're mising you! Jane

Jane said...

That is awesome news!!
Hope you have a restful & enjoyable weekend! Jane

Jane said...

Sorry you had a headache yesterday....Imetrex is good stuff....I have to use it for migraines too. Hope to see you soon....hope today is a good one. The weather is perfect! Jane