Monday, May 11, 2009

Messed Up One Test by Laughing

I am not a morning person, so I wasn't very happy when the alarm went off at 5:30AM and all I could have for breakfast was a cup of water. But I was looking forward to passing these tests and knowing for sure that I will have surgery on May 20.

Today was a nice cool rainy day, in the high 50s, which reminded me of summer in Seattle ;^)

For the PET Scan, this student nurse did a great job starting an IV in my arm so she could give me sugary radioactive saline. When the syringe with the radioactive stuff arrived, it was in its own little impressive lead-shielded container but no one had to put on a lead apron or anything. I had to sit around for an hour waiting to become radioactive enough, so I said the rosary and then finished reading a romance novel.

The PET Scan iteself went fine. I am a teeny bit claustrophobic but luckily what makes me anxious isn't being jammed into giant tight medical equipment but being trapped in small crowded waiting rooms or stuck in line with too many people at Costco.

When it was all over, I bid my student nurse a pleasant goodbye and headed for the elevators and my next test. But then I realized that I still had the IV plug in my arm. So I had to talk to the receptionist, who had to track down my student nurse, who dragged me back down a quarter of a mile of corridors to the treatment room and removed the IV. Hope she didn't get in trouble for that.

The PFT (pulmonary function test) was next. The technician, Ray, kindly let me wolf down a granola bar and more water before we started. I have done spirometry tests before at the asthma doctor, but this guy was much more serious about it. I think I did the hard test six times, and the easy test three times. Plus he clipped my nose shut so all my air flow would go through the machine. And he made me laugh which messed up my ability to "blow, blow, blow, blow, don't stop, keep blowing!" The interesting part is that taking four puffs of albuterol didn't really have much of a positive impact on my numbers. (Well, I found it interesting.)

I do not know how long it will be before I hear the results.

Patsy and Omer arrive tomorrow! I must go make up the guest room now. I am so glad that my parents are coming. Patsy is addicted to Animal Crossing, and because Omer is a Good Husband, he is carrying her Wii onto the plane so she can play while she is here. Apparently there is a lot to do to keep her town going and earn more bells (I have no idea), and she doesn't want to run the chance of getting cockroaches in her house because she stayed away too long taking care of me and Lou!


Anonymous said...

Hello Karen,
Glad to hear today was uneventful except for the AM morning call and the lack of food for energy. we wish you a speedy recovery, and back on the road to mend. You are in good hands w. Lou, Om and Pat and oh yes, good medical folks Take care we will keep in touch by this site Mrs. S. from the "hood"

Anonymous said...

Pat just sent me this link and i wanted to let you know that we are wishing & praying that you have a speedy recovery. If you guys need Anything, any help, i am not far from you here in Raleigh,nc so please don't be shy and let me know what i can do to help you if needed. take care, keep us posted..
Jane & Peter Lindsay (peeta ,joke for lou)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for doing this blog. I wanted to call and stay in touch with you but then worried I'd be bothering you. So this is a great solution.

Your headline about laughing really caught my eye because that is one of the things I always notice about you. And they say laughter is the best medicine! Your joyous nature is contagious and I bet you'll be having those doctors and nurses chuckling away in no time.

I pray for the best news possible and a speedy recovery after the surgery.

If you need rides or someone to run errands let me know.

Marge Holly Springs

Anonymous said...

For the first 4 yrs i knew you , we called you Kaye!! LOL i am thinking of you and from my perspective cancer sucks and I hate it. I am not the patient but I am sure Chris would agree. Much prayer your way girl!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your day went well! I could have pulled that IV for you, please call me if you end up going home with one (it happens)! Miss you,
Your personal nurse,

Glo and Tom said...

Hi Karen and Lou
Took forever to get to this box...
Tom and I are sending a katillion positive waves your way so don't worry about a thing. Also a zillion prayers for a fast recovery. We love you
Tom and Glo

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl-Glad to hear your tests went well yesterday. Also glad to hear the only glitch could have been laughter. I do so believe that a positive mental attitude (PMA) and a light heart are 2 huge parts in recovery and healing from whatever ails you. So you are well on your way already to beating this thing.
T's & P's (thoughts and prayers) are with you every day.
I got a partial phone msg this AM but all did not come thru. Give me a call back if you get a chance.
Love ya

Bill Tanner said...

From My Problem is Bill Tanner:
I am out in Little Rock, Arkansas getting my treatments and checkup. Gog knows how much I love having a bone marrow biopsy (oouchhh)
I have been keeping you on my prayer list, and I hope my name has come on others. We have been blessed to meet so many folks that are walking down our road. For me it helps me to stay focused on what's ahead(another sober day)!!
Keep the positive attitude fed cause that is my friend that really carries us through all of life.

Be Well Karen,

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen. This is your Uncle Ned in the Philippines. My daughter,Kaitlyn, and I just read your entire blog. You have such a positive attitude and great humor. We wish you the best. Keep up the blog and we will keep sending you our love and prayers.