Sunday, May 10, 2009

Two Tests Tomorrow

I will spend tomorrow morning at UNC Chapel Hill taking two tests that I have to pass before they'll do the surgery.

The first test is a PET scan. They want to make sure that there isn't cancer everywhere or some big tumor hiding somewhere. I guess the idea is to find out if there is anything else we need to take care of before we focus on these four little nodules.

The second test is a PFT (breathing test). Because I have asthma, they want to make sure that I am okay for lung surgery. Have I mentioned yet that they will staple my lungs back together after they cut off the nodules? that I will leak air for awhile? and that I will have a tube on each side coming out of me so the air leaks to the outside and does not fill up my chest cavity? [yick] I wonder if the tube will whistle when I laugh.

Wish me luck on Monday at 8:00AM and then at 11:30AM!

Send me good thoughts!


omerandpat said...

We are sending you good thoughts but also we are sending you ourselves to be with you. This blog is a great way to let everyone who knows and loves you be "in the know".
Mom and Dad

Debbie Prudden and Jim Hayes said...

Hi Karen and Lou,
Your new blog is fabulous!! Jim and I are sending prayers that the tests go well, no additional cancer shows up on the PET scan and that your lungs are OK for surgery. Love you lots and lots, Debbie Prudden and Jim Hayes

Becky H said...

Hi Karen!

So glad you started the blog - great to be able to keep up on your news and send LOTS of great wishes out to the universe for you.

Praying that tomorrow goes well. Will miss you next weekend!

Love ya
Becky Herdt

Deborah51 said...

Yes--this is a great idea...I will follow closely! Sending good vibes your way for the tests. Keep it with you, you know.

Great love,

Lisa Vasques said...

Hi Karen!

This blog IS a great idea! I will be sending you warm fuzzies tomorrow during your tests and praying that the results are favorable.


craneguy said...

Hi Karen,
Dawn and I will be praying for you. We can relate to the fight you're in, Dawn had oat cell lung cancer in 2000 and was given a 5% survival rate at that time. She is now 9 years cancer free! Never give up hope, love and prayers work miracles.
Paul Arneson

Frankie&Glen said...


Love the blog idea. Good luck with your tests tomorrow. We'll be thinking of you and sending you good vibes.

Love, Frankie & Glen

burnsie said...


Good luck with the tests tomorrow. I am thinking of you and sending you my prayers and good thoughts.



Anonymous said...

Karen, this is the first time I've posted to a blog and it couldn't have been for a better person. Lots of luck tomorrow! We'll be thinking about you. Love, Sean

Maisie said...

I am so happy to see you are reaching out for support from all those who love you...including me! If you are interested in complimenting your western medicine treatments with distant reiki healing, I am a level II reiki practitioner and would be honored to do reiki for you from Woodinville. Reiki is the universal energy flow for the highest good of you, me, others, and the universe. You can find more information on the web and ask around to see if it is something you would be interested in. We would set a date and time when you could lie down and recieve. Peace to you and Lou, Heidi Nelson

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl, Glad to see you decided to do this. What a great idea. I will send extra good thoughts your way tomorrow. Please remember-if you need anything- just call.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Karen,

I know you love books so here is a suggestion for the waiting room from Lord Chesterfield’s Advice to His Son in 1843 from the Employment of Time chapter.


I therefore recommend to you to take care of minutes; for hours will take care of themselves. Be doing something or other all day long; and not neglect half-hours, which, at the year’s end, amount to a great sum. For instance, there are many short intervals in the day, between studies and pleasure; instead of sitting idle and yawning, in those intervals snatch up some valuable book, and continue the reading of that book till you have got through it: never burden your mind with more than one thing at a time; and in reading this book, do not run over it superficially…

Stay strong and feel the love,
Kathleen & Randy

Dave said...

This blog is a cool idea! Not only will I be cheering you on, but I'm going to give you the biggest pumpkin that comes out of my garden this year!

You're in my prayers and thoughts,

Mary Beth Henrick said...

Hi Karen,
You are in my thoughts and prayers today. Hope the tests go smoothly and come back with good results.
A trip to South Carolina sounds like a great idea and a good follow-up to a day of tests. Hope you and Lou have a wonderful time and are able to relax some.
Mary Beth

Angela said...

thinking about you and sending all the positive healing energy I can your way

Gail said...

Hi Karen,

You are in Gail and my thoughts and prayers, we love you.

Eddie and Gail
from Western Washington State

Truett said...

Maurene and I are remembering you in our prayers and asking the Lord for healing in your body and calm and confidence in your spirit.

Truett and Maurene in Alabama