Saturday, May 23, 2009

What Happened on Friday?

On Friday, Patsy woke up with what we thought was the swine flu, so we prudently decided that she could not come to the hospital with us! (She is actually just having some seasonal allergy symptoms and is feeling fine.) So Omer stayed home to nurse Patsy back to health, and Lou and I went alone to the hospital.

Here is some great news: I am a candidate for CyberKnife surgery! 95% sure it will happen! We won't know for sure till they look at the MRI next Thursday. If there are creepy tendrils coming off the psoas tumor, then I would need regular radiation instead of CyberKnife.

I learned that I am in pretty good shape; that I could be having some unpleasant effects from the psoas tumor but I am not. Like lots of pain, loss of balance, that kind of thing.

I also learned that I would be able to go ahead with the lung surgery (to remove those four nodules) really soon after the CyberKnife.

The following not-so-good news is just a dose of reality.

The psoas tumor is actually right up against L4 and has eaten away a bit at the bone. I was sort of horrified by that because I pictured termites eating away at load-bearing beams. But Dr Morris said it wasn't that bad. It does NOT mean that the cancer is "in the bones."

I probably do not have the choice of regular surgery versus CyberKnife. The choice is probably between CyberKnife and regular radiation. Regular surgery so close to the spine is possible but fraught with possible complications (like ending up in a wheelchair).

Dr Morris made it clear that, although they probably can kill this psoas tumor, and the surgery can remove the nodules in my lungs, that I ought to expect the cancer to come back again at some point. I mean, there are five spots right now, so statistically speaking, it will probably be back.

So the plan has to be:

  • We get rid of it now.
  • We keep watching for it.
  • We get rid of it whenever it pops up.
  • We make sure that I am around in the future when even better options become available!


Gail said...

I am so grateful your news was good yesterday! It sounds like your medical team is on top of things. I need you to be healthy next summer so that Eddie and I can "ride" down to see you again. (Maybe I'll ride the bike with the side-car and you can go with us to the Outer Banks!!) Love ya, Gail

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen, Sounds like pretty good news from Friday. So, how can we make the time fly for you until Thursday. Hope Mom is feeling better and ya'll are enjoying your day.

Anonymous said...

Karen, Sounds like a great plan! Found a story on the web of a woman who has had LMS for 25+ years and is following that very plan.

Take care and thanks so much for keeping us updated. Your "Cheer Me On" site rocks!

Carol Q.

susan said...

Dear Friend - what a strange walk we are on - but sharing it somehow makes it easier on my end - hope it does for you too...

You have our love and prayers...

Susan and Dick

Anna H. said...

Hello Karen:
Wow, this blog technology is pretty awesome! Sorry I haven't talked with you lately, glad to have this blog to catch up on what's happening. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hope to see you soon.
Anna H.

Anonymous said...

Karen, this is Glo's sister (as in Glo and Tom)once again. Each morning I look forward to reading your blog and silently say a thank you to the Powers that Be for the technology out there. I continue to keep you in the light. Again, say hi to mom and dad for me.
Barbara A. Hamilton

carol said...

Hi Karen, thanks for forwarding your blog site address...I am sure that reporting developments daily to all of your cheer team members is tiresome...this is a great idea and I appreciate being able to be a part of the team. I will cheer!
Love ya,
Carol L.

PS Daughter loved and devoured the remaining pralines.